Investing Portfolio

Aside from my real estate and passive investment instruments, I stay active as angel investor, focusing on early stage companies that include great brands and leaders, look to pioneer emerging categories. Below is part of my private investment portfolio.

Modern Investing Podcast

I run the Invest Like a Boss, where we interview world class investors, celebrities, and CEOs, to learn how they how they develop and invest their wealth. We use this new knowledge by investing our own money accordingly, and sharing the journey with our listeners.

We dedicate episodes to investments and asset classes including: in startups, stocks, bonds, p-2-p lending, annuities, FX and options trading, REITS, crypto-currencies, commercial real estate, and many others.

Some of our previous guests include Dr. Marc Faber, Harry Dent , Paul Merriman, Phil Town, James Altucher, MJ DeMarco, Simon Black, Andy Rachleff (Wealthfront), and MMA Legend Bob Sapp. We were recently written up at a The Best 8 Investing Podcasts of 2019 by The Balance.

If you have an interesting investment opportunity, sponsorship enquiry, or guest recommendation please get in touch.


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