I find books much like travel, depending on where you are in life, they will impact you differently at different times. Reading a certain book today, will have a much different impact on you now as it may if you read it in 5 years. Certain books you will read now and say, ah, it was good but I wish I had read it 5 years ago! So don’t just read a book because it was recommended, but rather find books that would be fitting for what you are looking for. A book is almost definitely the best $20 you can spend to improve yourself and your mind. How else can you get one person’s entire wisdom or career acquired for so little? Below are the books that I have read that have had a particularly big impact on my development. I listed them in the order I can recall reading them, not in order of any preference or quality.

Recommended Reading:

The Alchemist
The Secret
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Millionaire Fastlane
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Think And Grow Rich

The Four Hour Work Week
The Art of The Start
Start Something that Matters
Call Me Ted
The 10x Rule
The Richest Man in Babylon

Delivering Happiness
Adventure Capitalist
The Obstacle is the Way
Atlas Shrugged

33 Strategies of War
Elon Musk
Demographic cliff
101 Investment Decisions
The Laws of Wealth
The Global Asset Allocation

The Sale of a Lifetime
The Creature from Jekyll Island
Losing My Virginity
Daily Rituals
Patton on Leadership
Harmonic Wealth

The Power of Intention
The Intelligent Asset Allocator
Money Master the Game
Surviving AI

Currency Wars
Venture Deals
The Intelligent Investor
Life 3.0

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